I'm putting this site back online after a hiatus. It was not updated for many years and has been offline for a while due to server issues. What's here is rather out of date, but I'll be working to update it in the coming months.

What's Here

This is my personal home page, aimed at family and friends. Of course, anyone is welcome to browse but if you're interested in my professional activities, then this is the page you want.

Currently, the site has some info for and about my family. I plan to update it with more photos and pages about travels and other interests.

About Me

At this point in my life, I have a lot of interests beyond software development. I try to limit my work to 6-8 months each year, although it's not always possible. When not working, I'm involved in travel, sailing and family activities and I dedicate a lot of time to working with the local schools. I'm very interested in exchange programs and have taken groups of high school students on extended trips to Russia twice.

I live in a pleasant area across Puget Sound from Seattle and enjoy being involved in community activities. I'm a member of the Spectrum Community School Human Rights board and have a strong interest in alternative schools. I've been recognized on several occasions for my contributions, including receiving the Year 2001 award of the S'Klallam Tribal Anti-Racism Committee. I serve on the Capital Facilities Advisory Committee for the school district. One of my great pleasures has been to organize an annual Thanksgiving Dinner for students at the Spectrum Community School.